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Block mode Empty Block mode

Sab Set 22, 2018 2:22 pm
Clash royale
Mode block
8 cards,
8 player,
2 squad,
8 blocks,
1 squad winner!
in this mode you select 8 cards,ithe First card you are forced to select One troop,you can used only 2 spells, spells in this mode do effect to who is in target,start!,you are the First card,you have to take the blocks Pink for do One points and be able to use One cards between the 8 that you have select for chance cards or have a card after the defeat of First card,one enemy destroy=1 points,in this mode you move your card(eccept build) and you click attacck.
blocks Pink=1 point,1 card between the 8 select of you(if you have all defeat no).
block orange=+10 damage
block Red=+100 hp
block blue=+1 speed
block gold=+1 range
Blocks in Maps
map 1=15 Pink blocks,20 blocks Red,15 block blue,1 block gold.10 Black Orange.
map 2=20 blocks Pink,20 blocks Red,20 blocks blue,1 block gold,15 blocks orange.
map2=20 block Pink,20 block Red,20 block blue,20 block orange,1 block gold
map3=+5 blocks orange,pink,blue,red and +1 block gold.
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