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Mer Mag 30, 2018 6:03 pm
1 for those who want to create games on ideas in this section, you must send me a private message and if it goes well it will agree with the owner of the idea for the work.
2 the decisions on the rankings are not contested
3 for those who want to protect their idea must write at the end of the text copyright C.L.S, for more information click>
4 is a courtesy mostly, every time you write to a game support at the end of the request put #ideediplatone to make you understand your membership, and you can do it in the forums is in the chat games, it is not spam is to make understand your membership and is not mandatory.
5only existing characters are not used
6 must be ideas of original games, if they have something of a game is fine but if it's all the same it's not good
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